Meet Caroline McConnell! Our newest Brand Ambassador for The Fabulous Horse! 


What age did you start riding? 

When I was three my mother took me to a pony ride farm, I begged to go around again and again, she decided riding lessons would be cheaper. I started riding when I was four and a half at local hunter/jumper barns but decided to make the switch to dressage in 2009 and haven’t looked back!

*I have several people who have inspired and influenced me. First was Lendon Gray. She has been a wonderful teacher and coach and has opened doors that I never would have even knocked on. She has worked tirelessly around the country developing programs specifically for the youth. I have participated in many of those programs and highly recommend them. Charlotte Dujardin and Laura Graves inspire me because they are such hands on horsewomen who work directly with their horses and have such beautiful relationships with them.  My mother has been my biggest supporter.


*How do you feel you are an influence to others in the riding world?

I hope I inspire young people to follow their passion and go for their goals. It’s not always easy but, it’s always worth it. I also want to impress upon young people to be grateful for every horse that comes into their world, no matter their cost, training level or breed, each and every horse has something to teach, from the spicy backyard pony to fancy Grand Prix horse, they all have a lesson for us as riders. 


*Your biggest achievement in riding so far? (horse shows, medals etc.)

My biggest accomplishments in my riding so far have been qualifying for and placing at the 2014 Festival of Champions in Gladstone, NJ at the FEI Pony Division and earning my USDF Bronze medal later that year. This year I received my USDF Silver Medal. 


*What do you plan to accomplish in riding and future endeavors ?

 My goal for the 2018 show season is qualifying for NAJYRC at Young Riders and moving up to Intermediare 1.  I am planning on a career within the equine industry.


*What do you do in your spare time? (Hobbies and such)

I enjoy photography, reading, and hiking.


*College name 

 I will be attending Centenary University and will be majoring in Equine Business Management. I graduated from Warwick Valley High School this year in June with the Superintendents Award for 100+ hours of community service. 


*Favorite color

 My favorite color is blue.

Hi my fabulous people these are our shows we will be at this year! 🙂


  • April 29, 30 IDA Nationals at Centenary College NJ
  • May 10-14 Jersey Fresh International 3 Day Eventing Event at HorsePark of NJ
  • May 18-21 Festival of Champions in USET Foundation Headquarters in Gladstone NJ
  • May 27,28 Memorial Day Dressage at HorsePark of NJ
  • June 9-11  Windy Hollow Hunt at Sussex NJ Fairgrounds
  • July 26,27   Summer Days Dressage at USET in Gladstone
  • August 16-20 CDI Dressage Show at HITS Saugerties, NY
  • Sept 20-24  Neda Fall Festival HITS Saugerties, NY
  • Oct 8,9 Dressage Show HorsePark of NJ
  • Oct 11-15  35th CBLM Championships & VADA Fall Competition – Lexington, VA
  • Nov 9-12 Equine Affaire Massachusetts (We will be in the Better Living Center Booth 1007)
*We will keep you updated on any additional shows*

Join us front row on Saturday, March 18th, at 7pm Eastern time for the viewing of The Fabulous Fashion Show!  We will be showcasing our Spring 2017 line. The show will be LIVE on Facebook. BVertigo, Goode Rider, HKM, For Horses, Fair Play, HorZe, Lilo Collections will be sone of the featured designers.  Sit back and enjoy this Fabulous Show! 🙂

Meet Lily Zilo, a Dressage Fabulous Horse Sponsored Rider! She is not only a medalist but an inspiration as well!


Our interview with Lily:

*What age did you start riding?

At 36 years of age.

*What or Who has been your biggest influence?

Building partnerships and relationships are the biggest influences , all the top riders in the dressage world are my biggest influence.

*How do you feel you are an influence to others in the riding world?

As an adult amateur rider, I have represented the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation in the Asian Games. I was one of the earliest full blooded Chinese dressage riders in the FEI world ranking; I feel that I am a role model for the young Chinese generations.

*Your biggest achievement in riding so far? (horse shows, medals etc.)

Won the Team Bronze medal in 15th Asian Games, United States Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist.

*What do you plan to accomplish in riding and future endeavors?

Continue bringing up horses in GP level and competing.

*What do you do in your spare time? (Hobbies and such)

I am an excellent cook of international cuisine, jewelry designer, and a fused glass maker.

*What is your favorite color?


Meet our Eventing Fabulous Horse Sponsored Rider, Madeline Backus!  She is the USEA young rider of the year & we look forward to seeing her at Rolex!

Our interview with Madeline:

*What age did you start riding?

I was on a horse before I could walk, but my first official lesson was when I was 18 months old.

*What or Who has been your biggest influence?

My family has made me into the person I am today. They are all so supportive of my dreams and goals, and are always there for me. Also, I’ve always been surrounded by incredible people and mentors, so everyone has helped me grow into who I am.

*How do you feel you are an influence to others in the riding world?

I hope to always be someone who others can look up to. I work hard to achieve my goals, and am in it for the love of the horses.

*Your biggest achievement in riding so far? (horse shows, medals etc.)

I was a part of the Eventing 25 training list in 2016.
Then I completed my first CCI 3* at Jersey Fresh International in May 2016, and was on the gold medal team at the North American Young Rider Championships in July 2016.

I also completed the CCI 3* at Fair Hill to get my qualification for Rolex next year.

I was named the USEA Young Adult Rider of the year.

*What you plan to accomplish in riding and future endeavors?

I am aiming for Rolex in 2017, but would also like to compete at 3* and 4* events overseas.

*What do you do in your spare time? (Hobbies and such)

I love anything artsy, and enjoy cooking/baking.

*Which college are you attending?

I am not currently attending college. However, I am a working student at Blue Hill Farm studying under Jessica and Missy Ransehousen.

*What is your favorite color?

Pink and Navy, I can’t pick just one!

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends! I want to personally say THANK YOU. I appreciate your patronage and the love you have shown The Fabulous Horse throughout our 2 years that we have been open. You are ALL amazing! It’s a beautiful day out there no matter where you are so enjoy today with friends and family and let’s be thankful for the love around us.
Shirley Gencarelli

Look for us at the Equine Affaire November 10-13 !  Come shop for the upcoming holidays and for yourself. We will be in booth 1007 in the Better Living Center.  See you there! 🙂


Eastern States Exposition Center
1305 Memorial Ave.
W. Springfield, MA 01089

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Meet Tara Proulx, our newest Fabulous Horse Ambassador! She is not only a USDF Bronze medalist but a super cool person as well!

Our Interview with Tara:

*At What age did you start riding?

I started riding at the age of 4. I couldn’t get enough of horses. I started at a small backyard barn riding western. Then, I moved into some hunters, eventing, jumpers, then finally finding my calling in dressage.  March of Freedom was my first horse. She is now a 10 year old TB competing in the Dressage Circuit in New England.

*What or Who has been your biggest influence?

My biggest influence has been my parents. They always support me no matter what I decide to do. Riding has always been something that I never could give up, and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They are my number one fans, biggest supporters, and keep me striving towards my best.

*Your biggest achievement in riding so far? (horse shows, medals etc.)

My biggest achievement in riding has been receiving my Bronze Medal.  I received my scores for first level on my TB mare, and my second and third level scores in one weekend on True Type.

In 2015, I competed in second level, and also qualified for NEDA Region 8 Championships and competed my mare in the first level division.  She received an award for being the highest scoring TB in the entire regional show.  This was the most meaningful award for me and my mare as we have struggled to get to where we are now.

I also have been the captain for 3 years for my college dressage team, IDA.  Competing in the national competition three times.

*What do you plan to accomplish in riding and future endeavors?

For my future, I continue to work on my riding, and becoming the best I can be. My next goal is to receive my Silver and Gold medals. This will take time, but with hard work and great supporters, anything can happen. I graduate college in May 2016. From there, I will take a full-time job with International Grand Prix Rider and Trainer Eliane Cordia Van-Reesema.  I will work as a groom, rider, and travel around with this team to Connecticut, Florida, and Europe.

*What college do you go to?

Johnson & Wales University
Equine Business Management/Riding 2016
Concentration in Instruction/Training
Minor in Professional Communication

Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society
Captain of JWU IDA Dressage Team

*What is your favorite color?

Pink of course!